Our Story

Wire Working, Metal-Smithing & Beading Supply Store

I could never quite decide what I wanted to be when I grew up and have traveled down many paths.  The only thing that was real and constant was my love for stones and shells that I collected throughout childhood until now.  Every rock and shell had a beautiful locked treasure within and a wonderful, secret story attached.  I would move them back and forth in the river, splash them in the sea or even tumble them in my mouth to bring out the true beauty of what each treasure possessed.  I reveled in the delight I experienced when their dry dullness became a rich, lustrous piece of incredible art!

I have used beads, shells and stones in all of my creative endeavors throughout my life.  The richness, complexities and sometimes pure simpleness that nature provides is incredibly astounding!  I am always surrounded by it, living it and breathing it!

After (non)sensibility and passion reached out and pinched me I decided to open up a bead store and promptly named it Bird Tail Beads.  Why?  I thought about all of the beautiful colors and textures in the world and (along with a glass of white wine and Emily our ceramic bird) I realized that birds encompassed nature’s fascinating colors in its entirety!  Glory!

Bird Tail Beads is born!

Warm Regards, Candy