Beading, Wire-working & Metal-Smithing Classes

Located in Bellevue, WA, and just a short drive from Seattle, we host various beading, wireworking & metal-smithing classes for our guests to enjoy.

Classes at Bird Tail Beads are a fun and inimitable experience. We enjoy helping people grow their beading and metalworking skills while working with semi-precious stones, seed beads, and a myriad of unique pieces.

Beading, wireworking & metal-smithing for the first time is not hard, but without guidance, it could feel a little frustrating and overwhelming. Regardless, jewelry making is fun and invigorating! When you learn these skills, you not only gain a handy talent, but you experience an art while socializing with people just like you. If you’re looking for something to do with friends, or a great birthday party idea, consider one of our beading, wireworking or metal-smithing classes.

The schedule for our classes is below– they take place in one of two classrooms. One of the classrooms is home to a community table, which our guests like to use for parties or for working on personal jewelry projects when available.

To View our up coming class schedules click below.  To Register for classes please call to reserve your space:  425-454-0444

Oct-Dec 2018 Class Schedue